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Cindy R. Fijalkowski
About the artist...

The inspiration from Cindy Fijalkowski's work derives from a true passion with nature.  She is a metal artist and craftsman who can use several mediums, such as oil canvas with metal set inside, creating a bold new look that is not often found today.  Most often her art work consists entirely of metal, and at times incorporates natural stone and rock as well.  Cindy works independently in all phases of her work.  She is a designer, master welder, forger, blacksmith and journeyman ironworker.  Through years of apprenticeship with the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Union Ironworkers, Cindy was the first in her class to be awarded a foreman position - in fact, the only woman apprentice in the State of New Jersey, to be ever awarded that opportunity.  She graduated top in her class and became 'a journeyman ironworker and master welder' holding international status. She is the owner of 1st Choice Metal Works previously known as 1st Choice Welding.

What truly inspires Cindy is the complete mystery, a form of independence, from the master herself - Mother Nature.  The profound forces of nature propel her forward in a creative flow to mimic such natural beauty with her own twist.  Nothing makes her more content than a visualization coming alive with metal and/ or rock.  She attains a sense of peace and pride to be given the opportunity to balance the fierceness of nature and metal.  From fire, heat, compression and force her works comes alive.

Her chosen works of metal art range from the realistic to the abstract.  She loves to be challenged with new ideas or custom orders, allowing her to think outside of the box.  Nothing is too big or small as she loves the diversity.  She works with steel, aluminum, brass and stainless steel.  Also, she enjoys restoring or recreating historic ornamental wrought iron work such as gates, railings, and decorative fencing.  These products can be recreated using aluminum as well.

Cindy is an avid nature enthusiast, so through hiking and exploring adventures she collects pieces to be applied into her art, such as natural rock.  By creating beautiful metal landscapes, her work spreads the simplicity, yet complexity, and beauty of nature into homes, landscapes, corproate offices, weddings, conventions, exhibits, and art festivals.  She loves bringing the outdoors '"in" creating beautiful home interior accents.  When given the chance to adorn a natural outdoor landscape, she creates invigorating and peaceful environments to pre-existing boudlers or gardens, called 'nature scapes'.  She creates a vast array of metal trees with a touch of realism and dashes of unique characteristics.  Her art has also stretched the normal idea of furniture into her individual nature creations.  She can create complex systems of art, as well as simple designs, made to accent ones entrance way or foyer.  Her base root systems flow like nature intended, from budding new flowers to vining fruit designs, the ideas are endless.

Cindy's sense of pride makes her attention to detail and the drive to be the best, the most motivational aspect of her character.  Rooted with a strong foundation, she owes a big part of her success to her family and friends, all of whom have provided constant and overwhelming support through the years.

Her most recent exhibit was at the 2012 Philadelphia International Flower Show.  She was very honored and excited to be a part of the largest flower exhibition in the world.

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